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jueves, 11 de noviembre de 2010

Witter auth problem fixed

If you own a n900 phone and are a fan of twitter, then you should know witter, well, one of these days twitter changed the authentication way, it just remained with 0auth, so many apps that were using the send-login-password-form are not working any more, fortunately for witter users the client already supports 0auth, it only failed to load because it stopped authenticating, so the way around this is not uninstall and reinstall (I also tried) , the fix is to edit the file .witteruser that sits in /home/user path, just erase the login and password data, and then retry to open witter, this time it opens succesfully, because it has no account associated, the tap on preferences - accounts - select yours, and then edit - 0auth, it opens the web browser and asks you to login with your twitter account if you have not done that already, the it asks you to grant permission for witter to connect, you click allow - the it returns a number- write it down - then return to witter and enter the number, and thats all

sorry for posting so late ;)

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